Thursday, December 30, 2021


Confirmation #16

The Kickoff Return Dream 5/25/12

When I first entered California to mass evangel the state with warning flyers and spread this prophetic word in various other ways, I headed to the San Bernardino mountains for 3 days of fasting and praying and during that rich time in the Spirit, God reminded me of a dream I had back in 2012 ; he prophesying to me in that dream, that I would return to California and warn the people.

In the dream Angels were blocking for me as I was carrying the word, the ball. The angels were knocking over saints in the dream that were trying to tackle me with the word. This shows the churches will not receive this word and are fighting against it with their wishful thinking, fixated hope and “positive confessions”.

 I had completely forgot about that dream, I called Kickoff return, here, also in the list of more than 64+ dreams and visions at the dreamelations page, the 5/24/12 dream. And how about this. It is the 22nd dream from the first of a run of amazing dreams that God began to give me. From that first dream on 10/15/11, it’s also 222 days to the Kickoff return dream; 22/222 for 2022, surrounding that dream, WOW… and now being fulfilled as God had showed me. That dream also has a reference to the same date in the Yom Kippur dream, 10/5/22. God knows I always add dates the same way and wondered for the longest time what the #37 football Jersey I put on, in the dream meant. I knew it was a timing sign, but until recently, for over 9 years, couldn't see it. While on this recent fast, God showed me it. The date 10/5/22 is 10+5+22=37. That's it. Mystery solved and I was right back in 2012. It was a timing sign!